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White Papers, Ebooks, Executive Reports

Do you have a complex product, service or solution that needs more explanation than a blog to educate your reader or potential customer. This is where case studies, eBooks, white papers and special reports play an important role.

Content Types that B2B Buyers Use to Make Purchasing Decisions

60 %

Case Studies

60 %

White Papers

50 %

Third-Party Reports

The Perfect Content Strategy is Memorable, Motivational & Measurable

Exciting New Partnership with Root Source Digital For Video Production

There is no better way to rise above the digital content clutter – to get ahead of your competition – than with video. Want to improve your SEO? Then think of visual content in motion. 

It is why Eating Between the Lines has partnered with Root Source Digital for not only video production, podcasts and audio, but also branding and corporate messaging. Root Source Digital is a certified Story Brand Guide. 

Have an idea that needs a fresh opinion or do you need some inspiration to spark a new campaign? We are here and happy to talk about your next success story.

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Persuasive Content That Grabs the Attention of B2B and B2C Audiences


76% of marketers use pre-produced videos for content marketing.

4 out of 5 users spend more time on a company's page when it includes video.


eBooks are an ideal way to provide valuable content to your customers, as well as find and engage with new leads.

Thought-Leader Articles

Do you want to establish your company or a person on your team as an industry thought leader? Then consider ghost writing by a professional.


Yes, emails and newsletters are still a good way to gain reader trust, develop new relationships and retain existing customers.

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