When looking for a writer, it is important to find the right fit no matter how large or small your content project. Finding the right words means selecting a writer with the ideal voice, subject-matter expertise and professional experience for your company. To help you get to know me before we talk – and hopefully begin planning your next amazing content project – here are a few highlights of my career.

If you are a print or digital publishing editor looking for a writer, take a look at an offsite portfolio of all my clips to see if I am the right editor or writer for your publication.  Click Here.

For companies seeking all other types of content and content-strategy support, please keep reading.

As a content-services professional, my skills go far beyond writing. They include working within your staff infrastructure by using their skills sets to create effective content campaigns. Compelling content doesn’t happen alone. It needs a cohesive team of writers, marketers,  visionaries, project managers and technology experts. I enjoy working collectively with all the stakeholders.

I’ve been at this a long time and I have some strong areas of knowledge to help your company develop meaningful, marketable and measurable content campaigns:

1. Food and Beverage Trends | Want to know what is next in the market? I’ve won a few awards for investigative journalism, and as the author of Eating Between the Lines, St. Martin’s Press, my research skills are well honed. I’m available to support your next new business development idea.

2. Food, Botanical and Dietary Supplement Ingredients | Every best-selling product starts with a high-quality ingredient. I’ve held previous roles as the editor-in-chief of trade/B2B  publications in the ingredient, botanical and dietary supplement and healthy lifestyle sectors.

3. Health, Integrative Medicine | My business partner and I recently sold a start-up media company, Today’s Practitioner, to Active Interest Media. As the founding editorial director, this experience further broadened my knowledge about the importance of preventive lifestyles and integrative medicine.

4. Food and Beverage Digital Marketing, Teaching/Training | As an adjunct lecturer for Johnson and Wales University in Denver, I am well-versed in teaching students and staff how to develop digital marketing campaigns for the food and beverage marketplace. If you have a digital in-bound marketing idea but need to fill in the knowledge gaps and streamline processes with your existing staff, I can help.

5. Access to Experts | I work with a number of public relations firms and a talented branding and digital media company, Root Source Digital on projects that exceed my scope of work. If you are in the market for content strategy campaign that multi-media marketing and branding support, please let me know.

6. Food,  Restaurants, Travel, Lifestyle | Prior to being a journalist and magazine editor, I was a caterer, hotel manager and international flight attendant. This affords me a good perspective for global travel and restaurant food writing for B2C and B2B audiences.

7. Culinary Support and Culinary Nutrition Expertise | I love to cook, create healthy recipes to share with readers and help children learn the value of healthy eating through cooking skills. I am trained in the field of culinary genomics; I previously owned a catering company and continue to teach youth culinary-nutrition skills.

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